beneficials in a sentence

"beneficials" in Chinese  
  1. And that time on the track wound up being mutually beneficial.
  2. Forecasts for beneficial rains in the Midwest also helped weaken prices.
  3. Maybe the time off will be beneficial to their collective psyche.
  4. Some are beneficial; others look good but have no substance.
  5. We made a trade we felt was beneficial at the time,
  6. It's difficult to find beneficials in a sentence.
  7. Whether beneficial effects remain at lower doses remains to be seen.
  8. Different points of view and backgrounds were beneficial to the project,
  9. Lamoriello's trades have always proved beneficial to the Devils.
  10. In my personal view wine with meals in moderation is beneficial.
  11. I personally think that wine with meals in moderation is beneficial,
  12. Posadas needed an injection of capital and this partnership looks beneficial.
  13. In many ways, Lewis said, his ouster proved beneficial.
  14. Parents may also find a support group is beneficial for them.
  15. That's where the relationship with Ford could prove beneficial.
  16. But even children here know that free trade is economically beneficial.
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