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  1. Krulak said that gap had always existed, necessarily and beneficially.
  2. This beneficially masks some of the warming caused by increased greenhouse gases.
  3. Perhaps ( the wrong version of ) the article could beneficially be protected.
  4. We try to use the time more beneficially.
  5. Usually steels are beneficially treated with plasma nitriding.
  6. It's difficult to find beneficially in a sentence.
  7. As such, all areas of child development are interconnected and work together beneficially.
  8. It ceases to exist whenever that gap is filled by someone becoming beneficially entitled.
  9. So the relationship continued beneficially for both.
  10. Tiffany currently beneficially owns about 45 percent of Little Switzerland's outstanding common stock.
  11. :The whole article could beneficially be copyedited to remove similar cases of dubious phrasing.
  12. Some cuttings are being beneficially reused.
  13. They beneficially own 3.64 million Class B shares, about 13 percent of that class.
  14. Providence Capital beneficially owns 11, 100 shares and options to buy another 40, 000 shares.
  15. But I think American interests should beneficially impress upon them the need to clean up the situation.
  16. Can you cite one example where this has worked beneficially at diminishing crime, at diminishing hatred?
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