beneficial to in a sentence

"beneficial to" in Chinese  
  1. They have been tremendously beneficial to me in a multiplicity of ways.
  2. We believe arbitration is more beneficial to us in terms of outcome.
  3. The move to Atlanta proved beneficial to his personal life as well.
  4. He ran the NFL in a way that was beneficial to everyone.
  5. I think party cells and trade unions are beneficial to foreign investors.
  6. It's difficult to find beneficial to in a sentence.
  7. The arrangement under discussion with MassMOCA would be beneficial to both museums.
  8. Campouts on spoil islands are both fun and beneficial to the environment.
  9. Experts say the bargains are also beneficial to countries in the region.
  10. Unfettered capital flows may be beneficial to international bankers and fund managers.
  11. But price caps in some form would be immensely beneficial to California.
  12. It symbolizes an erosion of values that are beneficial to our country.
  13. The bills are touted by supporters as being beneficial to small businesses.
  14. The home page has also been particularly beneficial to our relocation group,
  15. Practicing deferred gratification is quite beneficial to cognitive abilities throughout life.
  16. Whether such practices are beneficial to children is not always clear.
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