beneficial relationship in a sentence

"beneficial relationship" in Chinese  
  1. "It's a mutually beneficial relationship ."
  2. We expect to have a fruitful and beneficial relationship with Russia,
  3. The story tells of the mutually beneficial relationship between these groups.
  4. Brandukov had a beneficial relationship with the composer, Sergei Rachmaninoff.
  5. "We've had a mutually beneficial relationship ."
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  7. The mutually beneficial relationship of Moore and Naveda probably cannot be overemphasized.
  8. Often there are no production ties, just a mutually beneficial relationship.
  9. It's a very mutually beneficial relationship ."
  10. They sent it to us because we have a mutually beneficial relationship.
  11. The bacteria and squids have a mutually beneficial relationship, Crookes said.
  12. While humans may have intentionally domesticated mutually beneficial relationship with prehistoric humans.
  13. Cordele is the flagship MOU outlining this mutually beneficial relationship.
  14. The Antlers model is based on mutually beneficial relationships with private landlords.
  15. He and Carter have had a mutually beneficial relationship.
  16. Mateo and Pataki have developed a mutually beneficial relationship.
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