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  1. The annual statement of beneficial ownership of securities is on Form 5.
  2. Registers of beneficial ownership aim at fighting corporate secrecy in that sense.
  3. It comes into existence whenever there is a gap in the beneficial ownership.
  4. Ager himself said he has no beneficial ownership in the trust.
  5. The assets of the company are held in beneficial ownership for its staff.
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  7. Ager disclaims any beneficial ownership in the trust, which benefits his wife and children.
  8. The paper which the husband signed dealt with the beneficial ownership of the house.
  9. As of August 2012 the fund holds beneficial ownership of 7.7 percent of General Growth's stock.
  10. In this case, before the option was exercised, there was a gap in the beneficial ownership.
  11. Beneficial ownership of PBL's Fairfax shares would be distributed to PBL shareholders through the creation of a unit trust.
  12. In this instance the prohibitive land registration charges associated with micro-plots were avoided by employing the legal concept of beneficial ownership.
  13. The report of this " beneficial ownership " is supposed to be made to the SEC on what is called Form 5.
  14. UCITS funds out of Luxembourg and Ireland faced additional legal questions around the concept of beneficial ownership of A-shares purchased through the link.
  15. However, the disclosure requirement does not apply to beneficial ownership, which refers to shares of a media company hold on behalf of another person.
  16. The new structure will see the " virtual transfer " of beneficial ownership of aircraft and liabilities to Penerbangan Malaysia, Mohamad Nor told reporters.
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