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  1. He is a beneficial owner of Adventrx Pharmaceuticals, and Vector Group.
  2. Greenway is the beneficial owner of 830, 000 Inland shares.
  3. The question was whether the beneficial owner and director of the company was personally liable.
  4. The beneficial owner of PJSC 玃ryazovia Worker?is SCM, which owns 88.69 % of shares.
  5. That excess credit ( EUR 125 ) must be refunded to the beneficial owner by Greece.
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  7. Tareq's mother Corinne was the sole beneficial owner of the property at the time of sale.
  8. The ultimate owner is called the beneficial owner.
  9. If disagreements are insoluble, section 14 allows a beneficial owner to apply to court for sale.
  10. By that time he was also the beneficial owner of 6.1 million shares, of WCI Communities.
  11. Beneficial owners, or those owning 10 percent or more of any publicly held company, also must report.
  12. -1961-1965 : The revenue authorities claimed that Mr . Vandervell was the beneficial owner of the shares.
  13. This includes information on the size of shareholdings, beneficial owners and people with indirect interests and control.
  14. They argued that he was the beneficial owner of the option and liable for surtax on the dividends.
  15. I have no firm suggestion regarding the beneficial owner and would have liked you to suggest an idea.
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