beneficial organism in a sentence

  1. _Use bio-stimulants to boost the population of beneficial organisms in the soil.
  2. It washes out the beneficial organisms.
  3. And since there are no beneficial organisms left in this soil, it's essentially dead.
  4. When such treatment is necessary, eat yogurt with active cultures daily to help to restore beneficial organisms.
  5. With inoculative release a limited number of beneficial organisms are introduced at the start of the growing season.
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  7. Of course, any use of beneficial organisms presents risks of new invaders or of disrupting native population dynamics.
  8. Though it isn't an obligatory host, it is described as a beneficial organism for Euptoieta claudia.
  9. The plant forms dense surface roots and penetrating deep roots that are colonized by beneficial organisms such as micorrhizal fungi.
  10. The more compost and beneficial organisms in the soil, the more it retains water, and helps nutrients get to the plants.
  11. Over the course of the season, compost will break down into the old soil, adding nutrients, improving structure and encouraging beneficial organisms.
  12. The chemicals contained in these preparations, besides harming beneficial organisms, may intentionally or inadvertently target organisms that have the potential to develop resistance.
  13. If irradiated food is subsequently mishandled and becomes contaminated with a disease-causing organism, the food would lack competing beneficial organisms that could inhibit its growth.
  14. She points out that when pre charged with these beneficial organisms biochar becomes an extremely effective soil amendment promoting good soil, and in turn plant, health.
  15. Over the course of the season, compost will continue to break down, blending into the old soil, adding nutrients, improving structure and encouraging beneficial organisms.
  16. Establishing diversity within the area of plant species will encourage beneficial organism populations ( e . g . birds, insects ), which feed on potential plant pests.
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