beneficial nematode in a sentence

  1. Beneficial nematodes are the best organic way to fight white grubs.
  2. Beneficial nematodes and Bacillus thuringiensis ( Bt ) are weapons against this pest.
  3. And then there are beneficial nematodes-- microscopic, wormlike, parasitic creatures.
  4. Beneficial nematodes are used by applying them to the soil while suspended in water.
  5. Beneficial nematodes sell for approximately $ 20 to $ 25 for 7 million to 12 million nematodes.
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  7. The bacteria, which are high in protein, are a feast for protozoa and beneficial nematodes.
  8. The most common soldiers are ladybugs, trichogramma wasps, green lacewings, praying mantises and beneficial nematodes.
  9. Spray the foliage with neem, and to get them in the soil, apply beneficial nematodes or diatomaceous earth.
  10. An example of an organic alternative to insecticide use is applying beneficial nematodes to combat soil-dwelling chafer beetles.
  11. A new product from Gulf Coast Biological Control, ANTidote, uses a different beneficial nematode, " Neopleotana carpocapsae ."
  12. Beneficial nematodes : These microscopic worms prey on the larvae of such insects as fire ants, flies, fleas and grub worms.
  13. Products such as Bio Flea Halt, Bio Safe and Vector all contain the beneficial nematodes " Steinernema carpocapsae, " said Garrett.
  14. There is one kind of beneficial nematode, Heterorhabditis bacteriophora, which will kill all the white grubs in your lawn within 48 hours and without environmental damage.
  15. Now there are beneficial nematodes, which, if properly applied, can rid your squash patch of the loathsome vine borer-- and the lawn of grubs.
  16. Bacteria, which are high in protein, are also swarming around those roots, eating plant sugars, and being eaten in turn by protozoa and beneficial nematodes.
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