beneficial mutation in a sentence

  1. This would cause even a beneficial mutation to be lost.
  2. New beneficial mutations create fitter genotypes than those previously present in the population.
  3. The story deals with views on evolution, beneficial mutation, and natural selection.
  4. Beneficial mutations have a certain chance of being passed down to children of either sex.
  5. How do possibly beneficial mutations occurring in the colony propagate when sexual selection is minimal?
  6. It's difficult to find beneficial mutation in a sentence.
  7. It occurs when two ( or more ) different beneficial mutations arise independently in different individuals.
  8. Beneficial mutations are always rare, but if they are too rare, then adaptation cannot occur.
  9. They have massive population sizes-so the probability of a beneficial mutation showing up is high.
  10. It eliminates unimportant and deleterious mutations while maintaining and combining beneficial mutations that would enhance protein function.
  11. In organisms with sexual reproduction, two beneficial mutations arising in different organisms can be combined in a descendant.
  12. This gateway mutation alleviated the negative epistatic interactions of other individually beneficial mutations, allowing them to better function in concert.
  13. When a mutation has a large number of epistatic effects, each accumulated mutation drastically changes the set of available beneficial mutations.
  14. Are there any recorded cases of a small population being discovered and all the individuals involved having some kind of beneficial mutation?
  15. It's true that there are a lot of non-beneficial mutations, but that's not the problem.
  16. Thus, an organism serves as an energy transfer mechanism, and beneficial mutations allow successive organisms to transfer more energy within their environment.
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