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  1. Belcredi worried that an accommodation with the Magyar interests would alienate the other nationalities.
  2. Belcredi worried that an accommodation with the Hungarian interests would alienate the other nationalities.
  3. In the ensuing altercation Henry stabs Belcredi.
  4. Henry mistakes the disguised Belcredi for the monk Peter Damian and reacts angrily, but is later calmed.
  5. Upon learning of this revelation the visitors confront Henry, who acts angrily to them, particularly Belcredi.
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  7. In 1867 the Chairmen of the Ministers'Conference Count Richard Belcredi appointed him Upper Austrian stadtholder at Linz.
  8. Act two begins with speculation among the visitors about Henry, as well as what he sees in Matilda, who argues constantly with Belcredi.
  9. Steve Olson, a graduate of the exclusive Cordon Bleu culinary institute in France, and fiancee Sandra Belcredi are co-owners of a restaurant and catering service in Positano, Italy.
  10. In an effort to shore up support for the monarchy, Emperor Count Belcredi, advised the Emperor to make a more comprehensive constitutional deal with all of the nationalities that would have created a federal structure.

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