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  1. They befog language in the academy, the Pentagon, the laboratory, the corporate office.
  2. Fully 45 percent of the votes, or hotly aspirated assertions, were for fog or befog.
  3. What has gotten even older is the all-purpose, reflexive rebelliousness that befogs Thompson's most honest thoughts.
  4. But Rudnick doesn't so much dissect the idea of the gay aesthete as befog it in a sentimental haze, with lots of saucy jokes glittering in the mist.
  5. I object to teaching of slogans intended to befog the mind, of whatever kind they may be . ( letter from Boas to John Dewey, 11 / 6 / 39)
  6. It's difficult to find befogs in a sentence.
  7. Overall trading activities, however, remained lethargic for the whole trading day as most investors were still on the sidelines, believing student demonstrations would continue to befog the country's political climate.
  8. Scalia discounted the Court s logic as  result-driven antitextualism [ that ] befogs what is evident .  Constitutional avoidance, according to Scalia, does not require interpreting the statute in a constitutional way because Scalia reads the text as  utterly clear.
  9. The rest of us are left with this utterly flawed and protracted docudrama starring a woefully miscast William Hurt, whose persistent simpering as Hanssen suggests he could barely string together a pair of compellingly rendered sentences, let alone befog American intelligence for more than two decades.
  10. Up to now, conventional wisdom has been that-- with some brave exceptions-- most Russians long for an authority figure like Putin, embrace his takeover of parliament and provincial government, believe all they see and hear from obedient state-controlled media and befog Russia's declining population with vodka.

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