befoe in a sentence

"befoe" in Chinese  
  1. I might get a couple of hours sleep the night befoe the game.
  2. Backup point guard Jason Terry played only seven minutes befoe spraining his right ankle.
  3. It should be reverted to the 1 Dec version, befoe he took it over.
  4. But I think we have to wait and see befoe we jump to conclusions and assume anything.
  5. Befoe that, he pitched six years for the San Francisco Giants, winning 22 games in 1993.
  6. It's difficult to find befoe in a sentence.
  7. Kraus dropped Dong three times befoe finishing him off with a high kick in round two to win the tournament and $ 100, 000 prize money.
  8. Jeff Van Gundy was asked befoe the game whether he would rather coach five aging players short on skill and big on heart or five young players with amazing athleticism.
  9. After making his senior debut on 16 July 2000 against Fremantle Football Club at the WACA Ground, Haynes played five games for Richmond befoe his delistment after the 2001 AFL season.
  10. Befoe that meeting, Olav was able to secure the royal approval of the eventual agreement from King Frederick with the help of Mogens, who had gone to Copenhagen for the negotiations with the King.
  11. But private-sector construction companies are busy planning on getting started at Shiba in the Rub al-Khali, the vast and notorious Empty Quarter in southern Arabia, befoe the end of the year, the sources said.
  12. The seven-time All-Star and MVP of the 1993 World Series with Toronto admitted said before the game he was more relaxed than he had been the day befoe while trying to get the historic hit at home.

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