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  1. The best cows still command prices that impress beef cattle producers everywhere.
  2. Furthur rusted away in a boggy pasture while Kesey raised beef cattle.
  3. In Worcester County, 184 farms had a total 1, 472 beef cattle.
  4. primary industries in the surrounding area with beef cattle a secondary production.
  5. Beef cattle were not conveyed in notable numbers until many years later.
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  7. Watching warily from the sidelines are Michigan's dairy and beef cattle farmers.
  8. The North Oaks Farm gained a reputation for breeding exceptional beef cattle.
  9. Shiraoi introduced the raising of beef cattle from Shimane Prefecture in 1954.
  10. From time to time Mr . Hubbell kept beef cattle as well.
  11. Important agricultural activities include the production of beef cattle, sheep and grain.
  12. The yearly number of slaughtering of beef cattle is around 550, 000.
  13. In addition to producing eggs, the Stuckes fatten beef cattle for slaughter.
  14. Before 1790 beef cattle averaged only net; and thereafter weights climbed steadily.
  15. Beef cattle production by a Canadian province is only exceeded by Alberta.
  16. He also raised beef cattle and mink and operated a tourist lodge.
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