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  1. You have to stretch to interpret dark, primitive and claustrophobic Beckmanns like " Birth " and " Death " as war stories.
  2. The Beckmanns aside, you can come away prizing Kurt Schwitters's collages, wry and sad, a couple of Heartfields and Kandinskys and not much else in this show.
  3. "Degenerate Art, " you recall, was about the eponymous 1937 Nazi display of paintings and sculptures outlawed in Germany : Beckmanns, Kokoschkas, Klees and so on.
  4. In recent years, the museum has been actively acquiring post-war German art to complement its Beckmanns, such as works by Joseph Beuys, Gerhard Richter, Martin Kippenberger and others.
  5. More intriguing than the number of Rodins or Beckmanns or Bonnards are the number of works by obscure artists, outsider artists and people who aren't artists at all but scientists, clerks, soldiers and confidence men.
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