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  1. Rathbone organized and wrote the catalog for the 1948 Beckmann retrospective.
  2. Hitler deemed him degenerate and Beckmann went into exile in 1937.
  3. Beckmann also helped him learn to appreciate Oceanian and African art.
  4. Beckmann was also a frequent and colorful participant in Usenet debates.
  5. A physically based model of microfacet distribution is the Beckmann distribution:
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  7. She rotated in this role with Reinhold Beckmann and Gerhard Delling.
  8. We will be doing small, powerful shows like the Beckmann show,
  9. This season the honor went to Claire Beckmann's little table.
  10. When Beckmann died in 1950, Rathbone gave the eulogy.
  11. The museum has great holdings of Max Beckmann and the German expressionists.
  12. Ada Stevens of Kathleen G . Beckmann Real Estate remembered the visit.
  13. After the war, Beckmann moved to the United States.
  14. Kokoschka had much in common with his contemporary Max Beckmann.
  15. He suggests that Beckmann takes his joke to the stage.
  16. In 1949 Bates studied at the Brooklyn Museum with artist Max Beckmann.
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