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  1. Stahl retired in 1979 as a vice president of Beatrice Foods.
  2. Wells estimates TLC Beatrice's value at $ 729 million.
  3. Roland Grybauskas, executive creative director at Grybauskas Beatrice, agreed.
  4. Last year, Beatrice broke even on sales of C921 million.
  5. The Italian company will also assume C130 million in Beatrice debt.
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  7. He blames it for the loss of his wife, Beatrice.
  8. Beatrice loses her squeaky bumblebee plaything, severely rattling the Swans.
  9. They have two young daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.
  10. Neighbor Beatrice Vallenilla said she believes Faget has three adult children.
  11. Government human rights prosecutor Beatrice de Carrillo and Roman Catholic Msgr.
  12. When they married, Beatrice converted to Henry's faith.
  13. Antonia later became a nun, taking the name Sister Beatrice.
  14. Valentino, George Ullman, and Beatrice Ullman were the incorporators.
  15. Beatrice's father was Dietrich I, Count of Falkenburg.
  16. In 1945, the institution was renamed the Beatrice State Home.
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