beatrice mills in a sentence

  1. With her marriage, Beatrice Mills would be known as Countess and / or Lady Granard.
  2. The son of William and Beatrice Mills, he was educated at Queen's University.
  3. At the remand hearing, held at the Beatrice Mills ) was'to attract attention to her case '.
  4. Neal continued to paint portraits when in the States, including the daughters of Ogden Mills, Beatrice Mills and Gladys Mills Phipps.
  5. Wall is survived by his wife of 51 years, Beatrice Mills Wall; two daughters, April Ane Knutson of Minneapolis and Julia Rude of Decorah, Iowa; a son, Joel, of Madison, Wis ., and six grandchildren.
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  7. Mrs . Lees, whose original name was Beatrice Mills, was born in 1910 in Chicago into a theatrical family that included her sister, Viola Spolin, who helped found the improvisational theater movement, and a cousin, Robert Fizdale, the pianist and writer.
  8. Somewhat confusingly, Bold Ruler was the sire of two champion sons with the same name, one in America, Bold Lad, who was the 1966 American Champion Two-Year-Old Colt and one in England, Bold Lad II, who was bred and raced by Gladys Phipps'sister, Beatrice Mills Forbes, Countess Granard.

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