beatrice davis in a sentence

  1. Riling's wife, Beatrice Davis Riling ( 1904-1962 ), collaborated on these works.
  2. Her first novel, " The Visit " was published by well-known Australian editor Beatrice Davis.
  3. When she turned 21, Dobson attended the University of Sydney as a non-degree student . with Beatrice Davis and Nan McDonald.
  4. Stewart and Coen maintained close friendships with several contemporary artists and literati including Norman Lindsay, Kenneth Slessor, Nancy Keesing, Beatrice Davis.
  5. He was born "'James Clark Atkinson "'in Norfolk, Virginia, to parents Ernest Atkinson and Beatrice Davis.
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  7. Survivors include his wife, Beatrice Davis, of the home; a son, Christopher Davis, of Kansas City; a daughter, Caroline Davis, of Seattle; a sister, Helen Kloker, of Virginia; and a grandson.
  8. It was subsequently reprinted in various newspaper and magazines, as well as in the poetry anthologies : " Complete Book of Australian Folklore " edited by Bill Scott ( 1976 ); " An Illustrated Treasury of Australian Verse " edited by Beatrice Davis ( 1984 ); and " The Penguin Book of Australian Humorous Verse " edited by Bill Scott ( 1984 ).

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