beatrice alice in a sentence

  1. The heir, Rev . Henry Archibald Douglas-Irvine, a parson, married Beatrice Alice Mabel Gratix ( died 1976 ) in 1913, producing a son and heir, Walter Francis Edward Douglas ( born 1917 ).
  2. "' Beatrice Alice Hicks "'( January 2, 1919  October 21, 1979 ) was an American engineer, the first woman engineer to be hired by Western Electric, and both co-founder and first president of the Society of Women Engineers.
  3. Anthony John Rhodes was born on 29th January, 1946 in the town of Preston, Lancashire, UK ( now the City of Preston ) to is Mother, Beatrice Alice Rhodes, and Father Jack Cowell Rhodes, of 115 Mersey Street, Longridge, Preston, Lancashire UK.
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