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  1. Men seem to gravitate to that, " says Beato.
  2. The College of Architecture is housed at the Beato Angelico building.
  3. It shares the Beato Angelico Building with the College of Architecture.
  4. Ueno had an important and close working relationship with Felice Beato.
  5. Beato could not be reached, but his attorney declined to comment.
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  7. In the late 1860s, Beato was in partnership with Hippolyte Arnoux.
  8. Ueno probably refined his technique during his contact with the experienced Beato.
  9. Felice Beato captured a photograph of the bell prior to its resuspension.
  10. In those innings, Beato allowed only nine hits and three walks.
  11. Most were taken in Beato's studio in Yokohama.
  12. One church chapel has a canvas of Beato Valfr?by Ferdinando Cavalleri.
  13. Beato failed state medical exams at least six times.
  14. In 1871 Beato served as official photographer with the Admiral Rodgers to Korea.
  15. Beato's photographs are the earliest of Korea whose provenance is clear.
  16. Beato's business ventures in Japan were numerous.
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