beatnuts in a sentence

  1. It contains 12 songs, all produced by The Beatnuts.
  2. It is found on all three greatest hits compilations by The Beatnuts.
  3. The song is nonetheless one of The Beatnuts'best known songs.
  4. The Beatnuts are known to self-produce all of their songs.
  5. Recent Beatnuts albums are characterized by more Latin influences.
  6. It's difficult to find beatnuts in a sentence.
  7. All of its songs are produced by The Beatnuts.
  8. It is nonetheless a popular song amongst Beatnuts fans.
  9. The Beatnuts are a hip hop group and singles.
  10. Hot 100 making it the second Beatnuts single to appear on the pop chart.
  11. Featured artists include Fatman Scoop, Method Man and former Beatnuts member Al'Tariq.
  12. He left The Beatnuts on good terms and collaborated with his former group on future albums.
  13. The song was also sampled by The Beatnuts for their 2002 song " Yae Yo ".
  14. He has also collaborated with numerous Black Sheep, Queen Pen, The Beatnuts and Faith Evans.
  15. The Beatnuts are noted for being unabashedly, bullishly ribald and in-your-face performers.
  16. Although entirely produced by The Beatnuts, the album features guest appearances on all but three tracks.
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