beatnik bandit in a sentence

  1. Ed " Big Daddy " Roth used fiberglass to build his Beatnik Bandit in 1960.
  2. In 1968 Mattel introduced Hot Wheels and Roth s Beatnik Bandit was one of the first 16 die-cast toy cars produced by the company.
  3. Teen-age boys hoarded allowance money to buy plastic models of his real-life roaring hot rods, from the Outlaw to the Beatnik Bandit to the Mysterion.
  4. Other hot rods include The Beatnik Bandit ( 1961 ), The twin Ford engined Mysterion ( 1963 ), The Orbitron ( 1964 ), and The Road Agent ( 1965 ) among others.
  5. While Roth worked on custom cars in his garage-studio near Los Angeles, youngsters across the country broke out the airplane glue to work on intricate scale plastic models of his " Outlaw " roadster, bubble-topped " Beatnik Bandit, " or futuristic " Mysterion ."
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