beatnes in a sentence

  1. In the PAL region, the first two Electroplankton were released on January 15, 2010, which were Beatnes and Hanenbow.
  2. Tracy ( renamed Trapy ), Hanenbow, Nanocarp, and Beatnes were released on July 11, while Rec Rec and Lumiloop were released on July 22.
  3. In North America, all 10 Electroplankton were released in November 2009 . Trapy, Hanenbow, Rec-Rec, Nanocarp, and Beatnes were released on November 9, while Luminaria ( renamed Luminarrow ), Sun-Animalcule, Lumiloop, Marine-Snow ( renamed Marine-Crystals ), and Volvoice ( renamed Varvoice ) were released November 23.
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