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  1. Argentina beat the Dutch in the final last year in the Netherlands.
  2. Zagallo has his own motivation to beat the Dutch.
  3. Argentina beat the Dutch in the final of the last Champions Trophy in the Netherlands.
  4. "We're not in crisis and are in good enough form to beat the Dutch ."
  5. If England beats the Dutch, Scotland has a chance only with a big win Tuesday.
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  7. We'll do everything to beat the Dutch ."
  8. We knew that if we beat the Dutch we qualify and we went for it ."
  9. "We believe we can beat the Dutch.
  10. Edberg, fresh from Davis Cup victories, beat the Dutch player 6-3, 5-7, 6-3 in just under two hours.
  11. Scotland beat the Dutch at the 1978 World Cup, but its last victory was in a 1982 exhibition match.
  12. Argentine coach Daniel Passarella, captain when Argentina beat the Dutch in the 1978 final, blamed his players'fatigue for the defeat.
  13. The Yugoslavs, who beat the Dutch 10-6 on Saturday, led 8-5 late in the third quarter after a 4-1 run.
  14. PAOK equalized in the 36th minute when Yassemakis connected with a cross from Pandelis Constantinidis and beat the Dutch goalie.
  15. Now, Swiss club Grasshoppers bids to become the first team in Europe to beat the Dutch soccer masters since April 1994.
  16. Kuck, Hedrick and Hansen then beat the Dutch team by . 4 seconds, with a final time of 3 : 42.71.
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