beat one in a sentence

"beat one" in Chinese  
  1. You always want to beat one of the best on the world.
  2. And he has the smarts to beat one guy in most situations.
  3. In football, you just have to beat one other team each weekend.
  4. It is time that Wales beat one of the big boys again.
  5. I'm not going to change things because I got beat one time.
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  7. Every time you beat one guy you have two more on you.
  8. Each time she beats one of the times she crosses it off.
  9. The indictment included a charge that he beat one man to death.
  10. Neighbors then tried to protect Sulaiman and beat one of the police officers.
  11. But protesters beat one secular politician involved in the preparation of the reception.
  12. We beat one of the top five teams in the world in Portugal.
  13. When you hit a home run, you feel like you beat one guy.
  14. It raised its bid to beat one by German company Joh.
  15. His basketball team beat one Whitaker put together for charity, 116-111.
  16. When Al beat one kid, a bigger one awaited next time.
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