beat mass in a sentence

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  1. We beat Mass 23 ( expletive ) times before they beat me one time ( actually 21 times ).
  2. He got involved with the counterculture by attending the world premiere of the " Beat Mass ", encouraged by Pope Paul VI, by the Heidegger.
  3. From 1962, Janssens composed religious songs of the genre later called Neues Geistliches Lied, beat masses and later " Son of Man " ) " Ein Sacro-Pop-Musical " ( " A Sacropop Musical " ).
  4. "Raagalahari . com " wrote " Final verdict is simple,  Racha having full album with wonderful and energetic songs is an instant hit " . " way2movies . com " wrote " Mani Sharma scored a mediocre album playing it safe with fast beat mass numbers.
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