beat man in a sentence

"beat man" in Chinese  
  1. You should be able to beat man-to-man.
  2.  I was determined to beat men at their own game.
  3. He was the Bills beat man for the Buffalo News in 1992.
  4. Our beat man Bob Hohler feeds Jimy a breaking ball.
  5. I'm the beat man for " Chess Illustrated ."
  6. It's difficult to find beat man in a sentence.
  7. But when the crowd made a second attempt, they beat men and women indiscriminately.
  8. 'Ojek'drivers beat man to death
  9. He beat men half his age.
  10. "I can beat men in the 300s and up, " she said.
  11. Eleanor Roosevelt was strong, but she did not try to beat men at their own game.
  12. It's that coffeehouse thing : Cool Beat men always seemed to wear goatees or soul patches.
  13. And having aggressive women who compete and actually beat men is, even now, not that common.
  14. Happy day would be if members of gospel choir put religion aside for a moment and beat man senseless.
  15. They beat men for other things . . . in that there is no difference between men and women.
  16. ** Food did not beat Man outright, as the Doughman was a triathlon and not an eating challenge.
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