beat induction in a sentence

  1. Beat induction can be seen as a fundamental cognitive skill that allows for music ( e . g ., Patel, 2008; Honing, 2007; 2012 ).
  2. "' Snowball "'( hatched c . 1996 ) is a male Eleonora cockatoo, noted as being the first non-human animal conclusively demonstrated to be capable of beat induction  perceiving music and synchronizing his body movements to the beat ( i . e . dancing ).
  3. Neuroscientist Ani Patel proposes beat induction referring to it as " beat-based rhythm processing "  as a key area in music-language research, suggesting beat induction " a fundamental aspect of music cognition that is not a byproduct of cognitive mechanisms that also serve other, more clearly adaptive, domains ( e . g . auditory scene analysis or language ) . " ( Patel, 2008 ).
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