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  1. Beat Hollow was the toast of the Manhattan on Saturday.
  2. Beat Hollow ( GB ) USA Robert J . Frankel 125 5.
  3. Beat Hollow may be on his way to a turf championship this year.
  4. Beat Hollow paid $ 5.20 as the 8-5 favorite.
  5. Beat Hollow was right behind him and stayed in second around the backstretch.
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  7. The pre-race favourite Beat Hollow finished third.
  8. Among his top challengers are stablemate Landseer and the Frankel-trained Beat Hollow.
  9. Beat Hollow, trained by Frankel, was the second choice at 6-1.
  10. For much of the year, Suances has appeared as a natural rival to Beat Hollow.
  11. Beat Hollow and another O'Brien entry, Landseer, were also pre-entered.
  12. Beat Hollow took the lead around the final turn, but Touch of the Blues followed him closely.
  13. Among his most recent stars are Banks Hill, Beat Hollow, Lido Palace and Medaglia d'Oro.
  14. If Suances can get back on track against Beat Hollow, they could meet again in the Arlington Million . nn
  15. Beat Hollow and another O'Brien entry, Landseer, were also pre-entered in a field of 14.
  16. It was five lengths back to Beat Hollow in third and another four back to Best of the Bests in fourth.
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