beat his brains out in a sentence

"beat his brains out" in Chinese  
  1. He at least knows who beat his brains out last time.
  2. I wish I could play him every day and beat his brains out.
  3. We were looking to beat his brains out,
  4. Then try to beat his brains out.
  5. However, it doesn't keep me from wanting to beat his brains out ( tonight ) ."
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  7. Hung beats his brain out to help them get out of trouble, while also preventing them from finding out each other's identity.
  8. "But he'll be trying to beat my brains out tomorrow and I'll be trying to beat his brains out ."
  9. When Richard Nixon beat his brains out in the'72 election _ McGovern carried only Massachusetts and the District of Columbia _ I thought the better man lost.
  10. "You can't think of Curt Schilling and think,'Let's go beat his brains out, "'Yankees manager Joe Torre said, " because you really have to do the little things ."
  11. Woods once said that he comes into every tournament he plays believing he can win, with the goal to win, and his performance so far has earned him the respect of one of the players who will be trying to beat his brains out weekly.
  12. After the war, Iverson enrolled in Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, taking advantage of government support for ex-servicemen and under threat from an Air Force buddy who said he would " beat his brains out if he did not grasp the opportunity ".

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