beat him in a sentence

"beat him" in Chinese  
  1. The only person he ever felt really beat him was Bowe.
  2. They say he's gotten better since I beat him.
  3. The only way to stop Corliss is to beat him up,
  4. It took a photo to beat him in the Florida Derby.
  5. Herbie Hide could beat him, and Foreman would destroy him.
  6. It's difficult to find beat him in a sentence.
  7. The wall and everything else beat him and beat him badly.
  8. The wall and everything else beat him and beat him badly.
  9. He showed me a lot when I beat him in Tokyo.
  10. I knew no one was going to beat him after that.
  11. Until you beat him, you can talk all you want,
  12. You ain't gonna beat him at anything, though.
  13. Still, the only man ever to beat him was Holyfield.
  14. I can beat him up, but no one else can.
  15. We'll beat him with a conservative program ."
  16. But Schulz beats him, even though George gets the decision.
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