beat her in a sentence

"beat her" in Chinese  
  1. If she gets over that, no one can beat her.
  2. When Eva confesses her love, Janus promptly beats her up.
  3. Venus beat her then-8-year-old sister.
  4. I couldn't beat her until I was about 13.
  5. She says she's going to beat her to death.
  6. It's difficult to find beat her in a sentence.
  7. Street beat her by just one-100ths of a second.
  8. A clean, more challenging performance by Lipinski could beat her.
  9. Still, he'd find an excuse to beat her.
  10. You almost have to beat her twice, I would say.
  11. Ms . Smith said the father of her children beat her.
  12. Just as impressive, only 25 men beat her that day.
  13. Other skaters talk openly about having a chance to beat her.
  14. She was greatly offended by that _ until I beat her.
  15. She thinks Quilly has always tried to beat her at everything.
  16. One stayed with a man who beat her for 19 years.
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