beat her breast in a sentence

"beat her breast" in Chinese  
  1. Mary Magdalene beat her breasts and sobbed,
  2. Then she beat her breast and cried.
  3. When Parashurama returned home, he found his mother next to the body of his father, crying hysterically as she beat her breast twenty one times in a row.
  4. Douglas also stated Bittaker had informed him he had " pulled on " the genitals and breasts of Shirley Ledford with the same instrument, and that he had attempted to beat her breasts " back into her chest ."
  5. Ms . Karabeti beats her breast, collapses artfully like a broken bird and stares angrily into the middle distance, announcing her defeat _ " I'm utterly destroyed ! " she says, in a hundred different ways _ while planning her macabre victory.
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