beat hell in a sentence

"beat hell" in Chinese  
  1. "Those same guys could beat hell out of me on the obstacle course, " he says, laughing.
  2. I think it beats hell out of golf and bowling and gives me a sense of doing something that helps make the world go around.
  3. One trooper described how the State Police dealt with strikers : " We ride in, scoop them up and beat hell out of them ."
  4. McSorley was known as a " heavy weather captain " who beat hell'out of the " Fitzgerald " and'very seldom ever hauled up for weather.
  5. Martin threatened to fire Columbia County Sheriff Oscar Weed for not responding harshly enough to striking workers, instructing the state's sheriffs to " beat hell out of'em ! " and " crack their damn heads!
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  7. Harry reacts with an angry outburst : " Did you let that damn nigger . . . I am going to beat hell out of him, he ought to have better sense than to pair off with a white girl !"
  8. After being stripped of his clothes and having his arms tied behind him, they " beat hell " out of him . " They took me to three or four villages to let everyone see the'American aggressor,'" he recalled, adding villagers were encouraged to strike him too . " It was organized mayhem ."

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