beat hell out of in a sentence

"beat hell out of" in Chinese  
  1. "Those same guys could beat hell out of me on the obstacle course, " he says, laughing.
  2. I think it beats hell out of golf and bowling and gives me a sense of doing something that helps make the world go around.
  3. One trooper described how the State Police dealt with strikers : " We ride in, scoop them up and beat hell out of them ."
  4. Martin threatened to fire Columbia County Sheriff Oscar Weed for not responding harshly enough to striking workers, instructing the state's sheriffs to " beat hell out of'em ! " and " crack their damn heads!
  5. Harry reacts with an angry outburst : " Did you let that damn nigger . . . I am going to beat hell out of him, he ought to have better sense than to pair off with a white girl !"
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