bear watching in a sentence

"bear watching" meaning  "bear watching" in Chinese  
  1. This itself would not be a crime, although it may bear watching.
  2. Housing bears watching because ripples from the industry spread throughout the economy.
  3. But the private equity portion of institutional portfolios bears watching, consultants say.
  4. Even with last month's expected slowing, though, job growth still bears watching.
  5. Linda Fagerstrom and Jane Tornqvist bear watching for the offensively talented Swedes.
  6. It's difficult to find bear watching in a sentence.
  7. She notes the unusual activity in the log because this bears watching.
  8. It's too soon to be proclaimed a trend, but it bears watching.
  9. But he also said that the increasing consolidation of publishers bears watching.
  10. Theirs is an experiment in blending tradition and openness that bears watching.
  11. He missed the Olympics and could not bear watching them much on television.
  12. Vanderbilt, the No . 3 seed in the Midwest, bears watching.
  13. I dont want to bite the newbie, but this bears watching.
  14. Even with last month's presumed slowdown, job growth still bears watching.
  15. This is a situation that may bear watching in Bears land . ..
  16. As far as Larrrry2 is concerned, his activities probably bear watching.
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