be right there in a sentence

"be right there" in Chinese  
  1. But we expect to be right there with them all the way.
  2. David Tua is going to be right there in front of you.
  3. The key is to be right there when the storms go up.
  4. Hopefully that confidence will be right there when I step back in.
  5. But both of these teams are going to be right there.
  6. It's difficult to find be right there in a sentence.
  7. Tomorrow will be very quick, but we will be right there,
  8. Wave your cash and a bingo clerk will be right there.
  9. They'll be right there with the Celtics in the Duncan chase.
  10. There are 10 teams that are going to be right there.
  11. That way, they can be right there to answer any questions,
  12. Our four losses could be right there in our own division.
  13. We'll be right there with all of them . " nn
  14. I didn't know the sun was going to be right there.
  15. The library used to be right there and that was the hangout place.
  16. We think Florida has a chance to be right there.
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