be positive in a sentence

"be positive" in Chinese  
  1. Trade and merchant diplomacy tend to be positive-sum games.
  2. But he turned out to be positive on the eye test.
  3. There's a lot to be positive about ."
  4. Alumni can be positive or sometimes not-so-positive,
  5. "That could be positive, " said Kalirai.
  6. It's difficult to find be positive in a sentence.
  7. The reaction of the market to this move should be positive.
  8. In the long term, it will be positive for Amcor.
  9. It should be positive for efforts to deregulate electricity in Texas,
  10. (A tax cut ) would be positive for the market,
  11. The net effect ( on earnings ) ought to be positive,
  12. "I just can't be positive ."
  13. De La Hoya proclaimed that all his comments will be positive.
  14. I believe it can be positive and make for more excitement.
  15. It was a good step, something to be positive about.
  16. What do you want to be positive about ? . ..
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