be positive that in a sentence

"be positive that" in Chinese  
  1. But you have to be strong, be positive that things will work out for the best.
  2. But we can be positive that our present regulations and attitudes are not sufficient to do the job of combating terrorism.
  3. Cynewulf s identity is still largely unknown, but we can be positive that he placed his signature in four separate poems.
  4. This page has now ben speedily delted despite the comment above which I took to be positive that I was on the right track to creating an acceptable article.
  5. Inspiring words, to be sure, but how can we be positive that Afghan refugees, with bomb explosions still ringing in their ears, feel the same way?
  6. It's difficult to find be positive that in a sentence.
  7. It may not all be positive, but enough of it's going to be positive that it's going to be real good for the film ."
  8. It is too soon to be positive that these will bring the benefits Clinton promised, but there is no doubting that he planted himself on the right side of history.
  9. "It could be positive that the talks have ended, as Digital may now look for a new partner, " said Silvio Severino, a trader at Credit Suisse in Zurich.
  10. But James Starrs, professor of forensic sciences and law, explained in a phone interview that his team could not be positive that it had analyzed semen _ the state sample is indisputably semen.
  11. We cannot be positive that Clinton's stronger measures against terrorism, and an injection of U . S . government honesty about terrorist nations, are the precise and only measures we should take.
  12. Before supplanting the flu shots that are very effective and safe for both children and adults, scientists must be positive that the live-virus in FluMist won't cause problems, FDA advisers explained.
  13. It made " Highlander " the show where you couldn't be positive that the characters were safe because they were in the credits . " Tessa's death also gave the show a pessimistic tone that influenced the remaining characters.
  14. There have been dustings and traces, to use the technical terms, in the city on several Christmases past, and some New Yorkers may be positive that they have, in fact, frolicked through many a white Christmas in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.

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