be populated in a sentence

"be populated" in Chinese  
  1. A nourishing, verdant world just waiting to be populated by man?
  2. Sanya appears to be populated solely by slow-moving old men.
  3. This could be populated, but required disabling the ROM cartridge capability.
  4. Gurro is said to be populated by the descendents of Scottish soldiers.
  5. The place seems to be populated mainly by eccentrics.
  6. It's difficult to find be populated in a sentence.
  7. Settlers there said 14 homes altogether will be populated in the coming days.
  8. Agrigan, is reported to be populated solely by Carolinians speaking Carolinian language.
  9. Fogo was the second in the archipelago to be populated, after Santiago.
  10. Sections within 3.2 . S . can be populated as appropriate.
  11. The list just needs to be populated and the information proofread and verified.
  12. The problem is, a lot of Bosnia happens to be populated with people.
  13. We want our neighborhood to represent the universe, not be populated by oddballs.
  14. It is hardly unusual for Mexican opposition parties to be populated by PRI defectors.
  15. This was problematic on the Exidy Sorcerer . 32 kB could easily be populated.
  16. Hopefully, like previous chemistry ones, this one can be populated and salvaged.
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