be populated by in a sentence

"be populated by" in Chinese  
  1. A nourishing, verdant world just waiting to be populated by man?
  2. Gurro is said to be populated by the descendents of Scottish soldiers.
  3. We want our neighborhood to represent the universe, not be populated by oddballs.
  4. It is hardly unusual for Mexican opposition parties to be populated by PRI defectors.
  5. Gurro in Italy is said to be populated by the descendants of Scottish soldiers.
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  7. This larger circle would be populated by about a quarter million people on a workday.
  8. The island was to be populated by trees and grass for the public enjoyment by all.
  9. The threat that it could be populated by slaves like other West Indian islands was real.
  10. The school tended to be populated by students who were either immigrants or first generation Americans.
  11. They now know that a local sports team needn't be populated by malcontents and morons.
  12. OGAs may be populated by C pointer, Perl packed arrays ( strings ) or Perl arrays.
  13. These will be populated by expatriates'children and some children of the local upper middle class.
  14. That region continued to be populated by the Indus people long after the collapse of their cities.
  15. I would expect such a noticeboard to be populated by both " deletionists " and " inclusionists ".
  16. Finally, though, the supporting cast must be populated by characters we look forward to seeing every week.
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