be popular in a sentence

"be popular" in Chinese  
  1. Lim was confident the model would be popular in the local market.
  2. But one feature that proved to be popular was video on demand.
  3. Few bankers thought that REITs would be popular in the IPO market.
  4. She shows people that you can be yourself and still be popular.
  5. I believe we can be popular and scholarly at the same time.
  6. It's difficult to find be popular in a sentence.
  7. The Leafs also feature several players who used to be popular Rangers.
  8. Tests have shown the nameless cigarette to be popular with older smokers.
  9. They acknowledged that the imminent loss would not be popular with scientists.
  10. Hourlong comedy / drama about teens and their desire to be popular.
  11. A minimum wage increase is likely to be popular this election year.
  12. It also assumes that Bush will still be popular by November 1998.
  13. He has also predicted that his books will not be popular forever.
  14. Yet the sale of ENI is likely to be popular with investors.
  15. Many of us only anticipated the game to be popular among skaters,
  16. She adds that she had no doubt it would be popular.
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