be poor at in a sentence

"be poor at" in Chinese  
  1. His health was also said to be poor at the time.
  2. I felt my catching might be poor at first but running routes would be OK.
  3. Work abroad, wilh all the accompanying human costs and risks-- or be poor at home.
  4. Though comprehension may be poor at this stage, it is nevertheless an important step towards comprehension.
  5. Implicit memory is known to be poor at eliminating errors, but can be used to compensate when explicit memory function is impaired.
  6. It's difficult to find be poor at in a sentence.
  7. Weather was reported to be poor at the time of the incident with heavy rainfalls in the vicinity of the flight path.
  8. They tend to be poor at problem-solving and cognitive restructuring, and also tend to demonstrate poor job satisfaction and interpersonal relationships in the workplace.
  9. Chronic kidney disease does not typically lead to oliguria, but the kidney may be poor at excreting solutes and still cause uraemia and metabolic disturbances.
  10. Medium Wave reception of Radio St . Helena is acceptable but can be poor at night, due to remoteness from the transmitter, located at Pounceys.
  11. Weather also was expected to be poor at the backup landing site, Edwards Air Force Base in southern California, with a chance for showers and strong wind.
  12. However, the linked list will be poor at finding the next person to remove and will need to search through the list until it finds that person.
  13. A dynamic array, on the other hand, will be poor at deleting nodes ( or elements ) as it cannot remove one node without individually shifting all the elements up the list by one.
  14. The child speaks in fluent and well-formed utterances with adequate articulation; content of language is unusual; comprehension may be over-literal; language use is odd; the child may chatter incessantly, be poor at turn-taking in conversation and maintaining a topic.
  15. Some would be poor at it ( lots of cracked shells ), and decide to focus more on hunting or clothes making, and some would be better at it and focus more on making wampum and get other necessities through trade.
  16. I don't think he meant it to be a totally general statement, but more as a means to criticize the sort of people he perceived to be poor at criticism ( though his statement is very often true and thus is often seen paraphrased as an aphorism ).
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