be polite in a sentence

"be polite" in Chinese  
  1. Be polite, but never tell a salesperson you plan to buy something.
  2. Visitors are advised to dress modestly and be polite to the guards.
  3. I have a feeling the embassy is just trying to be polite.
  4. The mayor has also suggested that citizens should be polite to police.
  5. This was no time to be docile, no time to be polite.
  6. It's difficult to find be polite in a sentence.
  7. The public knows it can count on female athletes to be polite.
  8. No right to make me sit there and be polite to them.
  9. You always want to be polite when people pull out the pictures.
  10. Around here, when you talk to people, you best be polite.
  11. Surely, Ms . Franklin was using hers merely to be polite.
  12. Oliver bows deeply to Nancy and Bet, trying to be polite.
  13. Volunteers should also be polite even when dealing with rude visitors.
  14. Carmen struggles to be polite with Cooper, who consistently harasses her.
  15. I don't want to have to be polite to head ushers.
  16. Onegin finds the company boring and is struggling to be polite.
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