be polite to in a sentence

"be polite to" in Chinese  
  1. No right to make me sit there and be polite to them.
  2. Visitors are advised to dress modestly and be polite to the guards.
  3. The mayor has also suggested that citizens should be polite to police.
  4. You have to be polite to him, but you wish he'd lighten up.
  5. I don't want to have to be polite to head ushers.
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  7. And lawyers will be urged to be polite to each other.
  8. And they're broadcasting commercials exhorting residents to be polite to visitors.
  9. Try to be polite to everybody even if you feel provoked.
  10. We can afford to be polite to one another and chummy.
  11. I have always attempted to be polite to other'users'and shall continue to do so.
  12. As if people were almost straining to be polite to Americans and its athletes.
  13. Also, I've made every effort to be polite to him.
  14. :: : Yes, nine minutes after I said it would be polite to do so.
  15. Was the South supposed to be polite to the Union army as it swept in?
  16. "It's a whole Southern custom to be polite to folks, even though you disagree with them,"
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