be polished in a sentence

"be polished" in Chinese  
  1. They were like a rough diamond that needed to be polished,
  2. The manuscript needs to be polished and brought up to date.
  3. The glass can be polished by a good auto glass shop.
  4. Take these as crude ideas yet to be polished by discussion.
  5. But with going to school, they could be polished.
  6. It's difficult to find be polished in a sentence.
  7. The statues will be polished every day by Sidney Blumenthal.
  8. Still, the look has to be polished and not thrown together.
  9. Items such as knives might be polished directly on a wetted brick.
  10. They can then be polished to achieve maximum aesthetic results.
  11. A definition of " Meaningful use " is yet to be polished.
  12. It may be polished, a process known as " pearling ".
  13. Their shoes had to be polished and tied here they wear sandals.
  14. Brass was lined up and ready to be polished.
  15. And some of the people doing it need to be polished, too.
  16. Jobs said . ` It needs to be polished and extended ."
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