be poised to in a sentence

"be poised to" in Chinese  
  1. Now acid jazz may be poised to enter the American mainstream.
  2. Market participants said that bonds could be poised to rise further.
  3. Some retail shares may be poised to fall tomorrow, however.
  4. That indicates the companies'shares may be poised to rise.
  5. The market may be poised to post further gains next week.
  6. It's difficult to find be poised to in a sentence.
  7. U . S . rates may also be poised to rise.
  8. Actually, the Mustangs may be poised to achieve much more.
  9. Businesses may be poised to step up hiring, though.
  10. In addition, Abraham said consumer spending may be poised to rebound.
  11. It is used to predict whether inflation may be poised to accelerate.
  12. Ms . Croghan may be poised to join their ranks.
  13. Bonds could be poised to rally if the Fed stages a
  14. Stocks and bonds could be poised to continue their rally.
  15. Even so, there are signs inflation could be poised to accelerate.
  16. He may be poised to prove people wrong in a big way.
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