be point in a sentence

"be point" in Chinese  
  1. Me and Eddie like to shoot too much to be point guards.
  2. Vice President Gore will be point man in the Plain English campaign.
  3. Street blimps, Frantin notes, can be point-of-sale advertising on the grand scale.
  4. "It's going to be point-and-click, as intuitive as possible, " said Oxblood Ruffin.
  5. They considered atoms to be point-sized, durationless, and made of energy.
  6. It's difficult to find be point in a sentence.
  7. In certain databases the key values may be points in some multi-dimensional space.
  8. I do think there should be points given for winning a conference championship.
  9. "The local store itself will be point of customer contact, " he said.
  10. "It won't be for the entire term, but will be point by point.
  11. Starting in 2014, the penalty will be points deductions to the manufacturers championship.
  12. In the Newtonian two-body problem, the masses are assumed to be point masses.
  13. The routes may be point-to-point or follow a circular route returning to the start.
  14. He suggested there may be point deductions for obvious duplications.
  15. Explosive guards, whether they be point guards or shooting guards, have troubled the Bulls.
  16. Free-agent-to-be point guard Terrell Brandon won't commit to the team.
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