be poetic in a sentence

"be poetic" in Chinese  
  1. Its asymmetrical forms are unusual enough to be poetic, without seeming outlandish.
  2. Lyrics tend to be poetic and sung from memory or improvised.
  3. I always find the Nietzsche's works to be poetic than analytic.
  4. Hayes is trying to be poetic and ends up being vague.
  5. If I had to put a phrase on today, it would be poetic justice,
  6. It's difficult to find be poetic in a sentence.
  7. Thus, in the end, there will be poetic and pragmatic justice for Bob McNair.
  8. A Gold Cup upset by Gentlemen would be poetic.
  9. In a strange way it would be poetic justice.
  10. Some try to be poetic and fail; others try to be a list of 100 lists.
  11. If it is the Kerry Blue, his handler, Bill McFadden, said it would be poetic justice.
  12. If I do, its use will be poetic
  13. I just wanted to give the character a little more spirituality and have it be poetic.
  14. But God, it would be poetic ."
  15. Prose can be poetic, and poetry prosaic.
  16. McDonald's language is arty and artificial, verging on the pretentious especially when she tries to be poetic.
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