be played out in a sentence

"be played out" in Chinese  
  1. Another potential sticking point could be played out in the courts.
  2. Several additional stages of this process remain to be played out.
  3. But all that will be played out over the coming seasons.
  4. The battle over defects will be played out at the Capitol.
  5. These new issues are likely to be played out in new forums.
  6. It's difficult to find be played out in a sentence.
  7. Destiny won't be played out until after the final game.
  8. The power struggle will be played out on several stages.
  9. These questions will be played out in further court actions.
  10. The season will have to be played out before we know anything.
  11. There are scenarios and sub-scenarios still to be played out.
  12. But it has to be played out and substantiated on the field.
  13. The future of this country will be played out within one week,
  14. The implications of the transition of power remain to be played out.
  15. The latest crisis probably will be played out in court.
  16. Fifteen minutes later, the grim little scene will be played out again.
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